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Now, this is the only club at school that is represented by just about every race, religion, sexual orientation and clique, but many of you are still having a hard time with acceptance. I was a little disappointed. You know, you really need to be more careful with your leering. You have to believe how awful I feel about them. You can kind of see the resemblance if you look past the nose job and subtract, eh, 70 pounds. After my daughter was born, I had a severe case of postpartum depression.

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Leyla. Age: 28.
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Really, those kids have to trust me.

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Ayleen. Age: 27.
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WILL: And you never had any anxiety before that? PAUL: Burt, were you always so accepting of homosexuals? WILL: And I think you work so hard at helping other people—counseling them—So that you can avoid doing the hard, painful work on yourself. EMMA: Most of the adults we know have trouble embracing their eccentricities, so how can we expect kids to?

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