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Twinks wouldnt be twinks in a scaled world. I do not disagree with you though. Allowing players to remain in a preferred bracket via turning xp off but allowing them to participate with the leveling population is ideal.

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Twinks are below level cap player characters who have gained the best powerful gear for their level in every slot. Within the twink community, this gear is called "best in slot" or BiS gear. Twinking is common in MMORPGsincluding World of Warcraftthough many mechanisms are in place that limit a player 's ability to equip a character with gear beyond its level.

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I amuse myself hunting rares wearing the best gear possible. I take advantage of long BG queue times by going back to finish those old things I never did before. We are far removed from the class which inspired Decline.

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World of Warcraft is 14 years old. Its success comes with challenges most games never face, and graphics are chief among them. Blizzard is in a running battle with its own art.

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You mention Oly Alexander and young people relivent today, but put a bunch of older dudes on list!?!?!?! Just because Lord Byron and Louis XIV were both culturally sophisticated-- the latter an historically influential fomenter of the arts, the former a creative genius-- doesn't they were art twinks, or the equivelant of art twinks in the respective ages in which they lived. Byron was physically vigorous, and also more importantly physically courageous-- so much so, that his courage cost him his life.

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