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Kendra, a proud mummy of two beautiful children, uses her blog Southern Disposition as a way of cataloguing her family's journey. Your great grandmother probably laughed at your grandmother when she first attempted to breastfeed 'discreetly. Only in the last 60 years has it become more acceptable to look at breasts in a triangle top bikini than the breasts of a nursing mother.

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But these powerful, beautiful, sometimes raw images of women breastfeeding their babies are proof of the strength, determination and love that moms from across the country have for their newborns. This beautiful bride took the to-have-and-to-hold part of her wedding vows to a whole new level as she nursed her new baby boy mid-ceremony. That can be especially true for babies with Down syndrome, whose poor muscle tone may interfere with a good latch.

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Contemporary images of women breastfeeding — from breastfeeding selfies to fine art — celebrate breastfeeding outside the home by displaying visual records of these occasions to a wider audience. From brelfies posted by celebrities and ordinary parents on social media, to the photography of Tara Ruby and Ivette Ivens, media coverage of lactivist nurse-ins, or fine-art works by Ashlee Jenkins and Sky Boucher, the repertoire of breastfeeding images in developed Western nations has grown and diversified exponentially in the past ten years. A subject that was once the province of religious painting, ethnography, public health advocacy or obscure corners of pornography, is increasingly made visible within the everyday, not only through self-portraiture on social media but also through the work of celebrated photographers and visual artists.

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After photos from her Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project PABP spread widely across the Internet last August, photographer and mom of four Leilani Rogers is continuing to normalize the sight of nursing and support lactating moms. She's also invited other parents and photographers to share their own breastfeeding images on the project's Facebook page or on their own social media accounts with the hashtag PBAP Rogers was inspired by her own experiences with breastfeeding to launch the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project inshe told The Huffington Post.

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The details of these laws in certain areas do not specify whether a mother needs to be covered up while breastfeeding in public, or to what degree, which is still a topic of debate. One woman was so tired of hearing all the shaming that she decided to set the record straight once and for all. Rene Johnson took to Facebook, where she outlined the place of public breastfeeding in American history in a now-viral post.

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Not only is it an uphill battle to figure out how to get your baby to latch, but it can be an all-out war to try to feed your baby in public. Last week, Kaidel, a year-old mother from Florida, posted a picture of herself breastfeeding to Facebook that showed her looking off into the distance. According to Kaidel, she was looking back at a woman staring at her with disgust for breastfeeding without a cover in public.

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It seems that there isn't a day that goes by where we hear about a mom being asked to cover up for breastfeeding in public. Well, as these vintage photos prove, breastfeeding in public is nothing new and has been going on basically since the start of civilization. So really, by now, public breastfeeding should be considered old news.

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This picture of Candice Swanepoel breastfeeding in public has caused a stir for the weirdest reason. The year-old is seen walking around the set in a black designer dress while her naked son nurses. Many applauded the Victoria's Secret model for doing her bit to normalise breastfeeding in public. Some speculated that the entire thing was staged for publicity, while others tried to figure out her reasons for walking around with her son naked.

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A mother will always be a mother, whether she's a regular woman in obscurity, or she's as famous as all the celebrity moms we know from around the world. But one thing that actually feels oh so natural for any and every mom is breastfeeding. While nursing babies in public or in the open may not be everyone's cup of tea, nor may it be 'allowed' by society or by law in different cultures and countries, it is actually the most natural and nurturing way moms have to feed their babies and still form that all important bond.

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From supermodels to reality stars, see pics above of your favorite stars and their proud moments nursing their babies. The model has always been public about her breastfeeding beliefs. NeverUnderestimatethePowerofaWoman, she hashtagged it.


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