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Meth lab in the back and the crack smoke pills through the streets like an early morning fog Momma's in the slaughter house with a hatchet helping daddy chop early morning hog I'm catching Zs like an early morning saw when I woke up to the racket yawn and pause What the fuck man I can never get sleep man, peeped out the window what's wrong with y'all? Stood up in my Crimson Tide Alabama sweat pants and threw my pillow Looks like daddy caught the motherfucker that tried to sneak in and steal his elbows They don't know that old man don't hold hands or throw hands naw he's rough like a brilo Went to the Chevy and pulled out a machete and that gun is heavy and tall as the midget willow Think he's playin'? You better listen what he's sayin punk Don't make me go pop the trunk, on you He got an old Mossberg in the mossy oak duffle bag layin' in the back of the dunk boy Don't make me go pop the trunk, on you Think he's playin'?

Many songs, albums, bands and performances have referenced Donald Trump or his various brands, including Trump Towerhis TV show, his hotel chain, and his casinos. Trump's name first appeared in hip hop lyrics during the s when the business mogul became an icon of the ultra rich. Among the earliest mentions of Trump in rap lyrics was the Beastie Boys ' track "Johnny Ryall" on the Paul's Boutique album, in which they contrast Donald Trump with his homeless alter-egoDonald Tramp.

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Don't have an account yet? Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. Artists choose to write shockingly upsetting music for a number of reasons: To express extreme emotions or to provoke a visceral response in listeners or say something about a particular issue or for the shock itself.

N ever mind digging in the crates — the Avalanches probably just buy them whole, sight unseen, and find a way to bounce off each platter. Eventually morphing into a gang of six merrymakers bent on filtering their all-encompassing record collections through original instrumentation and a great deal of sampling, the Avalanches came from one of the most unlikely places to generate mind-bending dance music — Australia. Perfectly fitting with the band's range, the roots of the crew are in punk.

Reilly spent four months recording Dewey Cox songs, some 40 in all 15 are available on the soundtrack CD, and 15 more on its digital version. By the time the process was complete, Reilly had the character well in hand, despite the fact that not a frame of film had been shot. You have to answer a lot of questions.

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The earth speaks volumes. You won't catch me with my face in your hand grenades. I expected to find a better way You won't catch me with some dumb ape in retrograde.

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Yo from this day I never will flop, you want proof? I'll stab the end of my cock with this adrenaline shot Hey yo my cock is a Cyclops, got nikes on and they're high tops Meet you then tell you that your girl got a nice box Everything I do in life is quite wrong Eat an apple a day so I stole ya fuckin' iPod [Hook x2] [Verse 3: Lunar C] I getting it in when I get in the ring It's a left right to the chin, I side step then I swing Got two bisexual identical twins, in my ride Dressed up as gimps on a wild ketamine binge Getting more head than forceps You get T-bagged for sleeping I let my balls rest on ya forehead If ya wondering why I haven't said pause yet And presuming I'm talking about a dude then you're bent Speaking at the court, here and naked With my balls shaved, that's what I call a bald statement Whole world on my shoulders didn't think that I could balance it But it's lighter than you think like Michael Jackon's kids You don't know where the fuck you been? Took your chick to go fuck?


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