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skinny bodies tumblr
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Finally got someone to take me seriously this past year and turns out my uterus is NINE TIMES the volume it should be with a fucking fibroid bigger than a normal uterus. Why do you think I founded a thin privilege blog? So why come here, if not to center thin problems in a fat space? Their stories are seen as aspirational, not cautionary. I remember what it was like to be thin. Wtf… A friend from college had been going to the doctor because she was having trouble breathing.

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Zainab. Age: 24.
skinny bodies tumblr

Yup, fat people with disabilities should have to lose weight before we get medical help apparently!

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Annie. Age: 20.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

She only lived three months after diagnosis. The weight of the models in magazines? Go to literally any other body positivity blog.

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