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This is most likely a denervation injury to the external anal sphincter. An Anatomico-Functional Classification of internal rectal intussusception has been described, [10] with the argument that other factors apart from the height of intussusception above the anal canal appear to be important to predict symptomology. Essentially, rectal prolapses may be. Mucosal prolapse syndrome MPS is recognized by some. Since, specialized circular staplers have been developed for use in external rectal prolapse and internal rectal intussusception. The lower rectum is anchored to the sacrum through fibrosis in order to prevent future prolapse. Internal rectal intussusception rectal intussusception, internal intussusception, internal rectal prolapse, occult rectal prolapse, internal rectal procidentia and rectal invagination is a medical condition defined as a funnel shaped infolding of the rectal wall that can occur during defecation.

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The height of intussusception from the anal canal is usually estimated by defecography.

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Mucosal prolapse syndrome MPS is recognized by some. Some authors suggest that pudendal nerve damage is the cause for pelvic floor and anal sphincter weakening, and may be the underlying cause of a spectrum of pelvic floor disorders. From the lumen outwards, the first layer is the proximal wall of the intussusceptum, the middle is the wall of the intussusceptum folded back on itself, and the outer is the distal rectal wall, the intussuscipiens.

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