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These smegma-forming prominences vary with the age of the individual. In other words, a long or wide foreskin produces more smegma than a short or narrow one. This might be conceivably be induced by smegma transferred to the vagina by the male during sexual intercourse. In addition, foreign material may gain access to the smegma deposit in the form of dirt, dust or sand, and urine and semen. Smegma production, they find, is concentrated in the cells of innumerable small prominences, minute microscopic protrusions of various shapes and sizes found on the inner surface of the foreskin cavity. Freshly formed smegma, washed away regularly and constantly replenishing itself, is a wholesome lubricant - making for ease in erection and smoothness in sexual intercourse. How do these matters affect American men?

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To secure its even distribution, smegma is formed from the whole inner surface of the foreskin cavity.

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The adult stage follows with its period of maximal sexual activity. Smegma is a substance of considerable chemical complexity, but little is known of its exact composition beyond the fact that it contains neutral fats, fatty acids, sterols; other lipids and cell debris. Attention has also been directed to certain papules present in some men on the corona of the glans. Smegma is secreted by glands beneath the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis.

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