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There is a lot we don't see when it comes to the world wide web. Some use the servers to voice free speech without worrying about their identities being known. It is the shady, back alley of the world wide web, known as the dark web. Online, most people try to avoid criminals, and sketchy sites. Lerch offered a word of warning about those who may be interested in visiting the dark web. The majority of information is hidden from search engines, items like medical records or government documents. The information can help them know who to help or what kind of defense is needed against an attack.

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There is a lot we don't see when it comes to the world wide web.

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But people seek out sites where illegal items and services are bought and sold, in a part of the internet many don't know about. While security experts also trawl the depths searching for hackers bragging about successful attacks, or compromised personal information. There is so much to see on the internet.

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