Bear market bottoms

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These indicators can help tell us whether stocks have further to fall or may be headed up. By Nellie S. HuangSenior Associate Editor October 21,

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Preface: Explaining our market timing models We maintain several market timing models, each with differing time horizons. This model tends to generate only a handful of signals each decade. The Trend Model is an asset allocation model which applies trend following principles based on the inputs of global stock and commodity price.

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However, one crypto analyst believes that the recent Bitcoin price rally that closed with the first higher high in well over a year, confirms that the bear market bottom is in, and is expecting nothing but higher lows from here on out as the crypto market is resurrected. Bulls and bears alike having been paying close attention to Bitcoin price charts, trying to determine if the December low was indeed the bear market bottom, or if Bitcoin will test new lows once again. That higher high, according to one prominent crypto analyst, was the confirmation traders and investors everywhere were waiting for: a confirmation that the bottom is in.

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Was the sell-off in December the bottom of a bear market? While the difference between Had the market decline logged as an official bear market, it would have been the smallest on record in terms of bull market gains repossessed. As painful as it may have seemed, we simply did not resolve enough market excesses or reset investor psychology.

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Definition of a Bear Market: A bear market is defined by the trend. When the market begins to make a series of lower highs and lower lows the trend is considered down. Every time the market bumps up a few points the bottom callers come out in droves.

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One of the most difficult and intimidating tasks for any trader or investor is to try and determine when a particular stock has bottomedor reaches a point where it no longer decreases significantly. Everyone wants to buy low and sell high, but if you consider that a stock's price can be influenced by macroeconomic, political and economic events, stating with any certainty that a given stock has bottomed is a daunting task. Also, your stock is just one of the thousands of stocks that trade daily in markets worldwide.

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Access insights and guidance from our Wall Street pros. Find the product that's right for you. In a declining market, traders often speak of the need to have capitulation or a selling climax, in order to find a low in the market.

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Security prices catch the downward spiral which to some extent is also self-sustaining. Investors and traders anticipate slowdown in the economy, contraction in GDP, heavy outflow of liquidity from the system, recession in the economy and the same time corporates expect slow down in revenues and profits, expansion plans are on hold, only way to raise money is through debts as the IPO market has virtually become dead, companies announce buyback of shares to prop up the share prices, employees become scared for likely loss of jobs, they spend less, there is compete despair and loss of faith in the capital market, front line good quality shares are sold to raise the cash levels, financial intermediaries are closing down businesses due to bleak future, such instances marks the bottom of bear market sometimes in the form of panics. In the middle of such pessimism, arises the seed of bull market. How to identify bear markets in charts?

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As stated in last weekends analysis and newsletterfollowing the Dow's Friday close at that the Dow Jones Index had now fulfilled its bear market target of 6, as per the analysis of 20th Jan and illustrated by the chart below. The primary focus hence forth was to "position for a bullish spike higher" that would CONFIRM the bear market low, and negate the secondary far less probable overshoot target of 5, to Charts Courtesy of Stockcharts.

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Since such an event could be measured and understood in real-time, some eagle-eyed investors picked up on the move, even drawing attention to it on social media. As an indication of the effect an ETF can have on prices of an asset, gold prices increased drastically in the years following the introduction of an ETF. As shown in the above chart, ascending trend lines of support have played an important role throughout the history of bitcoin prices.


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