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Sometimes the best person for the job is a straight white man. In , Hefner repeatedly touched a Senate staffer's foot in a social setting, then sent text messages asking for a "sleepover" at the Beacon Hill condo that Hefner and Rosenberg shared. Michael Rodrigues, D-Westport, said in a statement on behalf of the committee. The report found that Rosenberg gave Hefner access to his Senate email account from to In one case, Hefner texted two staffers from Rosenberg's phone as if he were Rosenberg, writing, "you're all still failures for your lack of foresight. Hefner on one occasion berated a Senate staffer with inappropriate racist comments. Rosenberg told investigators that he believed Hefner's inappropriate conduct was the result of an undiagnosed mental illness and alcohol abuse.

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The report found that the firewall was ineffective.

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I think it's best if he steps down immediately. Rosenberg told investigators that Hefner sent him pictures of naked men that he downloaded from the internet as a joke, and Rosenberg told him to stop. He later asked the advocate to have sex with him in a bathroom. Sometimes the best person for the job is a straight white man.

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