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We're talking about years here, a dynasty. At the bell, both beauties are shot - weaving stupidly in front of one another with dazed expressions on punished faces. Nobody hurt but Elizabeth's done all the work. DD with a spiteful slap on the butt sends Shannon reeling to her corner for the break. Dunning on wide spread feet, lashes away from bell to bell, giving the young brunette one of the worst rounds of her fledgling career thus far. Typical studio management - it's all about the green.

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Ariah. Age: 31.
debbe dunning butt

My game is strength, heart, and power - I don't need any seasoning for that.

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Willa. Age: 26.
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10 Aug 2001 Debbe Dunning vs Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon nice and loose with her body and arms - she'll nudge up against Dunning just before punching, setting up a swaying rhythm for her power shots and for the first time, Dunning is forced to open up, answering back with the same side to side swaying and licking delivery. To join this workspace, request access. Predictably, brazen brunette calls out the division's finest, including Theron, and after her next defence, Cat Bell. Nobody hurt but Elizabeth's done all the work.

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