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His controversial lawyer, Lynne Stewart, died in March He was floored by what he found. Bush had been at a Florida elementary school when the towers were hit. Radio stations around the country, meanwhile, scrambled to purge their catalogs of potentially triggering songs. The attackers were Islamic radicals inspired by Omar Abdel-Rahman, an influential Egyptian sheikh who had recently moved to the United States. The players associated with the attack are disappearing. September 11 unleashed shockwaves still felt today: endless war, security theater and flag pins.

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He was well placed to observe the bombing and its aftermath.

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Something has been lost, nonetheless. After the attacks, media companies erupted in a riot of self-censorship. The blast killed six people, including a pregnant woman, and tore a foot-deep crater in the garage. One of the conspirators in the attack was a middle-aged African-American convert named Clement Rodney Hampton-El, a medical technician and former mujahid in Afghanistan.

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