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And then finally, she's beaten up a whole host of men, and one of them makes the mistake of calling her "Babe. Perhaps the film's porniest sequence is the opening credits, where Barb is posing as a stripper, with tons of water, Flashdance -style. Barb owns a bar in the last free city in America, and she'll do side jobs, like hunt down bail-jumpers, for extra money. In the scene above, the fascist authorities are torturing a woman for information about something plot-related, and in the fine tradition of quasi-porno science fiction movies, the torture is literally indistinguishable from sex. Everybody knows the world is going to be much sexier after the apocalypse.

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So in Barb Wire , based on the Dark Horse Comics title that you can probably find in your local store's quarter bins, Pamela Anderson is the former Barbara Kopetsky, now turned Barb Wire — and her main character traits are that she dresses in fetish wear, and hates it if men call her "Babe.

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Barb Wire (1996) Nude Scenes

And then she takes that guy up to his apartment, where he goes to the bathroom —- without washing his hands. Play 's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text game for free online. Everybody knows the world is going to be much sexier after the apocalypse.

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